Nurse Clinics

Our qualified and experienced veterinary nurses run a variety of different clinics to provide routine care for your pet at a time that suits you. These include: blood pressure checks, weight control, senior pet clinics, nail clipping and general advice.

Weight reduction

At Wilbury, the qualified nurses run weight loss clinics to help pets with weight problems. There is an initial consultation in which the nurse will discuss the problem with the client and set up a weight reduction plan and give lots of help and advice. Dogs and cats have an ideal weight. Achieving and maintaining a pet’s ideal weight will not only reduce risks of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, breathing problems and skin problems but can also lead your pet to have a more energetic, longer and healthier life. Nurse clinics run throughout the day Monday to Saturday.

Puppy parties

We run weekly, free, puppy social parties to enable your new puppy to come to surgery in an informal session to meet other new friends! We have found this to be a fun way for people to ask more general advice while your puppy enjoys playing!
Your pets’ diet is a very important factor in their good health. We can help you choose the best diet for your pet from the many different foods available. There are many foods manufactured for varying ages of pet and even prescription diets for specific medical needs.

Senior Pet Clinic

Pets over eight years old are considered to be senior and prone to various problems. Problems like kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and hyperthyroid are very common conditions in older pets. Many of the signs that the pet shows when they have these diseases are often just put down to old age for example weight loss, excessive drinking, stiffness and tiredness. However, with modern advances in early detection, diagnosis and treatment of many of these diseases, you will see a noticeable difference in a pet’s quality of life. In many cases we may be able to increase the life expectancy. The qualified nurses run senior pet clinics which involve a questionnaire, thorough health check, urine test, blood test and blood pressure check. Once the results are back if there are any concerns we may suggest an appointment with the veterinary surgeon otherwise we would recommend check ups every six months. These clinics run Mondays to Friday morning.

Grooming Clinic

Many people with long haired cats tell me they can’t get anywhere near them to brush them at home but often it’s a different story when they come to see me in the consulting room! We can offer a ten to twenty minute appointment where I can gently comb out the mats and have special quiet clippers to clip out any larger or stubborn mats. If the cat isn’t so tolerant we can arrange a few weekly sessions until the cat has been groomed completely. After that it is a case of regular appointments to keep on top of the mats.

Dental Check Clinic

“It is easy to miss signs of dental problems in animals as they rarely complain when there is a problem. We recommend regular dental check-ups in dogs and cats where we can assess the mouth and show you ways that you can look after your pet’s teeth at home. We can also show you how to brush your pet’s teeth and discuss other methods such as edible gels and special dental biscuits.”

Blood pressure clinics

Measuring blood pressure is quick, pain-free and is well tolerated by most animals. Older animals are more likely to develop high blood pressure and we recommend regular checks in cats and dogs from 7 years old. Routine monitoring can pick up problems in the early stages and lessen the chances of problems such as sudden-onset blindness , heart disease, kidney damage and seizures.

Rehabilitation & Arthritis

We run a regular clinic for post-operative orthopaedic cases to help maintain joint flexibility and muscle tone in addition to general arthritis advice. There are many things you can do to help the older pet as they become less mobile, including diet change, exercise moderation, hydrotherapy, etc.

Rabbit Clinics

“Bring your rabbit along to our rabbit nurse clinics. In these clinics we can clip claws, check weight, groom and clean any matted fur, check teeth, and give out advice on diet. Also it’s a great chance to share any great tips we have to helping you have a health happy bunny. The Rabbit Welfare Association – is also an informative website to help you care for your bunny.