In-patient wards

We have separate kennel areas for cats and dogs and we do everything we can to make them feel at home. There is accommodation suitable for smaller pets too.
All of the dogs that stay with us for the day have a thick, soft bed and where appropriate we add a toy or a favourite thing from home into their kennels. They also have the opportunity to visit our garden to stretch their legs and we tailor their lunch or supper to their personal tastes or medical requirements. We have special plug in diffusers of ’Adaptil’ pheromone to help with the calming atmosphere.

We understand that cats have their own special ways so for our cat day- patients we always recommend that you leave something that ‘smells of home’ with them. We provide thick beds , igloos to hide in and litter trays. If appropriate we also give them cat toys. We have a large range of cat foods available but would always check any preferences that they have before admitting them to our ward. Please ask for a tour of your pet’s accommodation when you’re next in!

We use Feliway diffusers throughout the practice to help make any visits for our feline patients less stressful.