COVID-19 Strategy

We are delighted to invite you back into our completely refurbished and extended building! It’s been a busy few months getting everything completed during a tricky time and thank you to everyone who has supported and visited us.

We can now allow you to accompany your pet for their consultation, but we do have to ask you to follow strict guidelines to ensure all of our safety. Please bear with us if you have to wait a little longer for an appointment, or experience delays when you visit us as inevitably things will take a little longer.

Its obvious, but please do not visit the clinic if you have any possible COVID symptoms (e.g. cough or fever) within the past 10 days or are self-isolating due to being in-contact with someone with symptoms within the past 14 days. We can still help you, e.g. a friend or taxi could bring your pet to us if they have to be seen or we may be able to offer a phone or video consultation.

Please only arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to prevent congestion.

We can only allow one person per pet in the building at a time to allow social distancing. We will ask other members of the party to wait outside or in your car. This includes children, I’m afraid, as we have to reduce the number of potential COVID contacts coming inside. Please make provision for this is you have children who usually accompany you. If this is not possible, we can still see your pet while you wait outside. You can pay on the phone and will bring any medication etc out to you. This is also the case if you feel more comfortable to stay in your car or are vulnerable.

Please wait outside the practice by the front door when you arrive. A team member will come and welcome you and we can allow up to 2 clients with their pet in the waiting room at a time. If you see reception is clear, you can pop in to say you’re here.

Please wear a face mask. You will only be able to enter the practice if you are wearing one. If you forget we can provide a disposable one for a £2 charge which will be given to the RSPCA. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, we can still see your pet while you wait outside.

Use the hand-sanitiser provided by the front door before entry.

During the consultation you will be asked to keep 2 metres away unless completely unavoidable and at the vets direction, in which case please face away from the vet. The duration of any contact will need to be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes. For this reason we will ask you to discuss the main reason for your appointment and may have to reschedule other less urgent issues to be discussed for another time. We now have an advanced ventilation system in the clinic which changes all the air ten times per hour. This is unusual in veterinary practices and in line with human hospital standards. To enable adequate distancing, your vet may decide to take your pet into our prep area for more detailed examination with one of our team safely holding them for us, while you wait in the consult room.

Reception have 2 client areas with screens for your safety. Please wait outside if you see our reception area has 2 clients visible.