Cat Friendly Tips

Top ten tips for bringing your cat to the surgery

  1. Use the basket as part of the furniture so that your cat gets used to it.
  2. Spray it with Feliway before your cat needs to travel in it and plug in a diffuser for the home.
  3. Cover the basket with a towel so your cat feels more secure and so no-one can see in.
  4. Reassure your cat whilst it is in the car and drive slowly and carefully.
  5. You can use blankets at the surgery specifically supplied to cover your cat basket.
  6. Make use of our cat only clinic times – sorry, no dogs allowed!
  7. Place your cat on the chair beside you rather than on the floor so it feels safer.
  8. If your cat would be happier to wait in the car with you, we will happily call you in when we are ready to see you.
  9. White wire baskets are better for easier access.
  10. Once back home use an item of your clothing to distribute your scent onto your cat and get rid of the “smell of the surgery” – this will also reduce anxiety of other cats in the house.