Dental surgery aftercare

The dental procedure your pet has had today involved a general anaesthetic and the removal of tartar with an ultrasonic scaler. The teeth were then polished to render the surface smooth and to help prevent plaque from building up. Any damaged teeth have been removed.

  • Keep your pet quiet and warm when at home and allow him to rest
  • Your pet should have NO walks on the night of the dental procedure.
  • Offer a small quantity of soft food to your pet this evening – we can provide you with a prepared diet.
  • Your pet may feel sleepy for the next 24hrs.
  • There may be a small quantity of blood stained saliva produced following the procedure.
  • Please follow the instructions for any medication dispensed to your pet carefully.
  • Please come for your check up appointment in 7 days time. This is included in the cost of today’s procedure.


Plaque, tartar and gingivitis will recur if you do not carry out some homecare of the teeth. Plaque hardens on the teeth and becomes tartar which builds up and leads to gum inflammation (gingivitis). If left untreated it can lead to halitosis (bad breath), gum bleeding, infections and loose teeth. If the condition of the mouth is very severe bacteria can spread in the blood stream and cause infections in other body organs e.g. heart and kidneys.


  • DAILY BRUSHING As demonstrated by the Veterinary surgeons and nurses. Toothpaste and brushes are available at the surgery.
  • DENTAL BISCUITS E.g. Hill’s TD. This is a complete diet which has been proven to slow down plaque build-up. You need to feed no less than 20% if adding it to your pet‘s usual food. Decrease the usual food by the same proportion.
  • ORAL HYGIENE GELS These should be used in addition to brushing but if brushing is not accepted by your pet they may still help alone. These include Logic gel, Corsodyl gel and Maxiguard mouthwash. These are applied directly to the gums and teeth.

When instigating a new home care dental program remember to introduce changes gradually and always try and make the brushing/gel application fun by stroking, brushing or playing with your pet

If you are having any difficulties with administering homecare one of our vets or nurses will be happy to discuss this with you or offer you a demonstration.

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