Bitch Spay Aftercare

  • When you collect your pet from the surgery, the veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse will discuss the operation with you and outline any special post operative instructions.
  • Your pet will have had an anaesthetic. Most of the effects of these will have worn off by the time you collect her although she will feel sleepy for the rest of that evening and possibly the following day.
  • Your pet will be able to stand and walk before you take her home and will have been offered a small drink. She will have been gently walked in our garden to give her an opportunity to empty her bladder and bowels.
  • Keep your pet warm and quiet when at home and allow her to rest.
  • Do not take your pet outside unless she is on a lead (Even in the garden!). Please keep your pet on the lead for 10 days. Please keep walks short (approximately 10 minutes twice daily)
  • Offer your pet a small light meal when you take her home in the evening. Ideal convalescent food is chicken or fish and rice. Alternatively we can offer you ready prepared food at the surgery. Do not worry if your pet does not eat on the evening of her operation. She should be eating within 24 hours, please telephone the surgery for advice if she does not.
  • Your pet will have dissolvable stitches beneath the skin that do not need to be removed. Please do not allow her to lick the wound for at least 10 days. We have provided you with a collar to prevent this.
  • Please come in 3 days for an appointment.

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