End of Life Care

Saying Goodbye

At Wilbury, we will always ensure that the last moments of your pet’s life are as peaceful as possible.

Sadly, when the quality of our pet’s life is no longer acceptable we are confronted with the very difficult decision to put our beloved companion to sleep.

We will support you through this very difficult time with sensitivity and understanding. Here is a description of what we hope to achieve for a gentle end to life for your pet.

If possible, we choose an appointment during a quiet time at the clinic so there is no sense of being rushed. If you prefer, we can usually arrange to visit your home.

Euthanasia is performed by intravenous injection of a lethal drug. The injection works over a short time to allow your pet to slip painlessly into unconsciousness (similar to an anaesthetic) before finally stopping the heart.

A comfortable, quiet place is ideal for this where the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Generally we will use a blanket on the consulting room table or for larger dogs a rug or bed on the floor. A small area of fur is trimmed from the leg and a nurse gently supports it for the vet to administer the injection. During this time you are able to comfort and stroke reassuringly if you choose.

After the injection is administered we will confirm that there is no longer a heartbeat and you may spend some time alone together.

We work closely with Surrey Pet Cemetry who will collect your pet from the surgery and carry out a professional cremation service. Your pet’s ashes can either be buried in their rural grounds or returned to you for scattering or in a permanent container of your choice (you see the options on their website).

We appreciate that every individual case is different and we try to tailor our practice to each, so that the final moments are peaceful. In some circumstances this may require a sedation to be given for 5-10mins before the final injection.

Please come in or call us if there is anything you need clarifying before this very difficult appointment. If you would like a home visit, please try to give us as much notice as you can so that we can accommodate your wishes. If this is urgent and we are closed, there are special visiting vets that can help: Vets2home and Cloud 9 Vets will be able to help.

It is completely normal for you to need some help and support around this time. Please do discuss how you are feeling with our staff and we can suggest a bereavement counsellor, Rachel Symons, or helplines, if you feel that might be appropriate: Pet Bereavement Support Service 0800 096 6606.