I couldn’t be happier with the quality of care at Wilbury Veterinary Surgery. The vets in this practice have all always proved friendly, caring and have offered a highly professional service to my dogs.

Catherine Lane

If you are a cat owner you’ll know that our feline friends have their own very special ways.

They are particularly sensitive to smell and the only indoor environment most cats are used to is home. No wonder a trip to the vets can make them nervous. They won’t welcome the car journey either and would rather not meet any other animals once they’re here.

We understand what your cat is going through so we take extra care to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. All our staff are fully trained in what we call ‘cattitude’ and we have cat-only clinic times on particular days of the week.We also have separate accommodation for our feline patients, as well as a range of equipment designed exclusively for cat care.

When you first register your kitten or cat we’ll provide you with a free information pack to help you give them the best possible care. And we have a Wellcat For Life programme you can take part in that will help you keep your cat healthy and happy at every stage of their life.

When you register your dog or puppy for the first time you’ll also receive a free information pack to guide you through the healthcare your dog will need at every stage. We’re there to help along the way too, with regular nursing clinics and free advice from our team of qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses at any time. Should your dog need treatment or hospitalisation at any point, we have quiet, separate kennels for day or overnight stays and we have a garden in which they can stretch their legs. We even have special “senior pet” clinics which start anytime from 8 years old to help you keep your companion in tip -top shape!