Wilbury Pet Health Club

As you know, all of your pet’s veterinary care is privately funded and there is no NHS for pets! You can download a BVA leaflet about vet’s fees here. But, we do have a way of spreading the cost of all the routine treatment your pet needs, including vaccinations, worm and flea control as well as discounts on dental procedures, pet food, long term medications and microchipping. Welcome to the Wilbury Pet Health Club! This is not pet insurance, which we highly recommend, but a way of budgeting for the items you would need to purchase throughout the year. The plan includes a veterinary health check as part of the vaccination and a nurse health check 6 months later, with free nail clipping at each of those visits. You save money too, with 40% off flea and 20% off wormer prices, 10% of any dental procedure and 10% off all our vaccination prices, as well as 10% off all diet food, microchipping and long term prescription medication. For more information, call the surgery or click here to join right now! You can then collect what your pet needs to keep them healthy from the surgery when you’re next passing. Your direct debits will start next month and we’ll collect the first payment from your card when you come in or phone.

Please download the latest brochure now.


My partner and I have 2 dogs who we registered with Wilbury Avenue Surgery, we have a West Highland White Terrier who is 16 months and a white Boxer who is 11 months.

We joined the Pet Health Plan from the outset and have found it to be a fantastic way of managing our dogs medical needs and our finances. We make regular payments and avoid receiving unexpected veterinary bills. From our first appointment we were advised of what the plan consisted of and believe it or not it included everything that a growing puppy needs.

As well as being good value for money, I would really recommend this plan to anyone with a busy working schedule like ours as everything is taken care of.

Thank you everyone at Wilbury for giving our pups the best start in life.

Matt & Fletch xxx