Environmental Issues

We believe it’s important to protect the environment, which is why we have recently installed solar panels on the surgery roof. These will generate a good proportion of the electricity that we use. For our remaining energy use, we purchase our units from a renewable source and we take approved steps to save energy where we can.

We recently completely renewed our computer system in the practice to one of the most modern systems. This is almost paperless as all documents are scanned and faxes etc electronically received and stored.

Our new digital Xray system has removed the use of any chemicals for radiograph processing as well as no more film! In fact, our old radiographs can be recycled to reuse the silver contained in the films!

Many of our team cycle to work – particularly in the balmy summer months!

We also have a policy of recycling as much waste as possible, we use fair trade and organic teas and coffees in our staff room, and we use cotton or paper bags for customer purchases.