Environmental Sustainability

Wilbury Vets – Investors in the Environment

We are really proud at Wilbury to be working alongside Investors in the Environment to increase our sustainability as a business and decrease our carbon footprint and waste production where possible. Environmental awareness is a subject our team feels passionately about and we were keen as a business to ensure we are doing all we can to improve our sustainability.

Investors in the Environment is an external accreditation scheme created to help businesses assess and reduce their environmental impact by implementing an environmental management system. It includes high-level audit criteria being met, and setting reduction targets, followed by an ongoing auditing process. We are currently working towards their ‘Silver Accreditation.’

We have established the Wilbury Green Group as a small group of enthusiastic Wilbury employees who will be working together to implement environmental policies and initiatives to our daily work and inspire the rest of our team (and hopefully clients) in both their work and home lives.

We are proud to already have several environmental initiatives in full swing, such as:

  • Solar panels we have ten solar panels on our rooftop generating approximately half of our electricity requirements
  • Paperless hospital system – we recently switched to a paperless system for all hospitalised patients (using a combination of iPads & electronic whiteboards), as well as our recent move to a cloud based rota system, meaning that we are now a virtually paper-free practice from the point of admit to discharge
  • Ethical & environmentally conscious shopping lists – such as plant based biodegradable cleaners where appropriate, fair -trade & organic teas and coffees, and recycled toilet paper
  • Waste reduction & streaming – we are implementing new waste streaming options to decrease the percentage of waste going to landfill, including the introduction of a compost bins and reduction of our plastic waste
  • Staff travel plan – encouraging staff to walk or cycle to work using schemes such as the ‘cycle to work scheme’ as well as having a single practice vehicle- for home visits and essential errands

With our exciting refurbishment and extension project running we are lucky to be able to ensure we are designing the new building to be as energy efficient as possible by improving the insulation, fitting an air source heat pump (which will completely remove our requirement for gas as an energy source), fitting an oxygen gas generation system (stopping our need for weekly deliveries of oxygen canisters) and hopefully re-landscaping our garden to make it a bee-friendly oasis once the project is complete.

Our full environmental policy can be downloaded here any questions please email lucy@wilburyvets.com